Guy Builds A Fence Window So His Dogs Can Talk To Their Friend Next Door


Fences are built to keep things on one side or the other. There are many kinds of fences, and most offer a bit of privacy and separation. One pet owner found a creative way to allow his dog to see into the neighbor’s yard – let us call it a fence window. The fence window was the brainchild of Reddit user ryanispiper.


He said he got the idea from watching his three dogs trying to look through the narrow slats in the fence to see the neighbors dog. Once the dogs saw each other, they would commence a friendly game of chase along the length of the barrier. So, ryanispiper figured all of the dogs would appreciate being able to see each other face to face – and they have!

He said that the dogs will all go out in the morning to say ‘hello’ and then begin their game of chase. Now, this may seem like a new and exciting way to let your dog interact with other dogs – but it isn’t the first time an owner has indulged his pup’s curiosity with a hole in a fence. Here are some other examples.

This dog is nicely framed in a flower!


The perfect sized hole so this guy can see out.


Neighborhood watch is on duty!


Openings for this dog’s ears!


The windows aren’t just for dogs!


Would your dog like a window to see the world from? Click here for tips on making your own fence window! Share away, people!

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