When This Guy Says “Hello”, Watch What The Dog On The Left Does. CRAZY!

Imagine if our dogs could speak to us. What do you think will be the first thing your dog would say to you? Well some dogs have learned how to speak. Through their keen powers of observation, they have learned how to make sounds like humans do. In fact, there’s even a study that dogs can learn the meaning of words! Amazing, right?

You won’t believe what the dog in the video below can do! This French Bulldog has somehow learned to say hello! No kidding! A man says hello in a sort of dog-like manner. Then this adorable Frenchie responds and says Hello too! You can hear a group of people laughing when the dog says hello! The Frenchie said hello not just once but many times! It’s so cute! Watch the video and you can hear and see for yourself!

Wasn’t that incredible? I love this dog!

Has your dog ever spoken to you? What did he/she say? Share it with us in the comments section below!

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