Guy Straps GoPro To His Dog To Secretly Film His Proposal

We’ve seen dogs do amazing and crazy things. We’ve seen dogs surfing, skateboarding, and some can even do some household chores. Dogs do these incredible things for us. They’re trainable, and very loyal. It’s no wonder why they’re called “man’s best friend”.

Now this dog just did something awesome for her humans. She helped her human film a very unforgettable moment–a marriage proposal! The dog’s name is Roo, short for Rousseau. Roo is a Pit Bull/Boxer mix that the couple adopted from the Animal Care and Control Team of Philadelphia. Roo’s human, Kurt Gies, wanted Roo to be part of the proposal, so he thought of something very clever. He strapped a GoPro camera on Roo so she could capture the moment! Check out the video below!

Awww..that was so sweet and so beautiful! And kudos to Roo! She did a very good job in filming the proposal! She was well-behaved and she kept her focus on her humans!

Have you ever thought of including your dog in your engagement or your wedding? Share your stories in the comment section below!

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