This Guy’s Camera Catches The True Nature Of Pitbulls. OMG… You Have To See This.

This dog could not look more innocent and as soon as his owner begins to strum the guitar, we find out just how sweet he can be. The dog starts to lick his face and becomes noticeably excited at the prospect of hearing some songs. Doogie even climbs onto his owner’s shoulders, draping himself over him.

If there is going to be an impromptu concert in his house, then this dog wants the greatest view possible. The owner has to calmly ask Doogie to settle down, so that he can actually play a song, that’s how excited this adorable pitbull is to see the guitar.

Doogie does not want to let go at all. He is clinging to his owner, with an adorable look on his face. The loving expression that this dog has plastered across his mug says a thousand words. If you or someone you know erroneously believes that all pit bulls are evil monsters, then this video is the one that will definitely change their minds for good.

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