Gypsy The Pit Bull Adopts 3-Week-Old Kitten

From the moment Gypsy the pit bull met her forever family, they knew this dog was one-in-a-million. While the pit bull showed nothing but love for her humans, Gypsy proved to be a godsend when the family rescued an abandoned three-week-old kitten that was close to death.

Barnabas the kitten was very sick and had to be bottle-fed. Gypsy was immediately drawn to him, “cleaning him like a mother cat would do,” their owner Cheri Desmarais told LittleThings.

“I was not nervous at all about introducing Gypsy and the kitten. Gypsy had already been great with other animals, even the baby chickens on my mom’s farm,” she said. “We were all touched as well when the adoption took place.”

After a little TLC, Barnabas was nursed back to health, and the pair inseparable ever since. The family’s YouTube video shows just how lovable pit bulls can really be, regardless of the vicious reputation they’ve been given. The tiny kitten tries to snuggle up to the pit bull. Even when the cat tries grabbing the dog’s ears and play, the pit bull doesn’t even flinch. As you’ll see in the pictures below, Gypsy might be one of the most patient and loving pets.

Gypsy the pit bull was immediately drawn to the sick kitten, cleaning him like a mother cat would do.


The pair have been inseparable ever since, and today, the kitten is healthy and growing bigger each day!


Vicious? Not so fast! This pit bull loves cuddling on the couch with her pal, Barnabas.


These pets are two peas in a pod!


Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dog breeds in the world. Although they have a reputation for being mean, pit bulls can make very sweet and loyal family dogs when raised in a loving home.

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