She Hadn’t Spoken Or Eaten For 3 Days… But When They Put A Dog On Her Bed? UNBELIEVABLE.

Dogs can be so much more than family pets. I’m not saying that being just a family pet is a bad thing – NO! But, they the potential to be and do so much more! TheraPaws is a program run by Mayhew Animal Home in London, England. Dogs and their owners in this program visit the elderly, sick, or people in hospice care.

Sometimes the volunteers will also take kittens to hospitals, or dementia care homes, or hospice care programs. The smiles the dogs get when they walk into the room could blind you! Everyone is happy to see the canines march in! During the video, you will hear the profound effect one dog had on a woman that hadn’t eaten or interacted with her family or caregivers for three days!

Take a look at this video!

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