Handicaped Triplet Puppies Make One Of The Most Incredible Transformations We Have Ever Seen

When rescuers found 5 month-old siblings Abby, Noah and Mary, the triplet puppies had severe leg deformities and blindness. It was clear that the road to recovery wouldn’t be easy. In addition to their birth defects, the trio was also dangerously malnourished, weighing only about as much as a 2 month-old.

The video below shows Abby, Noah and Mary’s amazing transformation from vulnerable, limited dogs struggling to survive, to energetic, playful pups who are taking full advantage of their second chance at a happy life.

Less than perfect legs doesn’t mean these three pups have to sit on the sidelines – quite the contrary! Thanks to custom wheelchairs, these cuties are able to run around and play with the best of them. So amazing to see this transformation – truly an inspiring story.

Pretty great, huh? Special needs dogs enjoy the world around them just like any other pup – they just adapt to it a bit differently! Do you have experience with a dog who needed a wheelchair? What was the process like of getting him/her used to it?

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