Handsome Howard Has a Favor to Ask You. Please Say YES!!!

Meet Howard, a neutered chocolate-brown pibble mix with white markings and an adorably stubby snausage tail. He weighs approximately 63 pounds and is believed to be about 3 years old. Now that we’ve dispensed with the formalities, this incredibly handsome hunk finds himself in the difficult position of having to ask a favor of you:

Would you please adopt him or share his story so he can find a forever home? He knows it’s a lot to ask, but he feels quite certain you’ll be glad you took a chance on him.

Howard is currently a resident at the Pima Animal Care Center in Tucson, where shelter staff shared this about him:

While Howard is kind of wearing a permanent fur tuxedo, he’s actually more of a casual kind of guy who would love to find an equally casual home with an active family who will keep him busy.

Howard hasn’t had it easy – he came to PACC after he was hit by a car while exploring Tucson on his own. He healed up and has such a sweet personality that he quickly became a volunteer favorite. Just look at these rave reviews from his fan club below.

“Howard is one of my favorite dogs in the shelter. I have rarely seen dogs that enjoy their walks as much as Howard. He loves taking in all the sights and sounds along the trek, and he absolutely LOVES to look for lizards. He is gentle when taking treats from my hand, and he loves to be scratched and petted both on his walk and when he returns to his kennel. Such a sweet dog.”

“Howard is an absolute fave. He is playful and sweet and SO appreciative of the chance to get out of his kennel and do his patented Howie zooms! He loves to chase tennis balls and other toys and will bring them back to you, then roll around at your feet, angling for belly scratches. He’s really affectionate and just an all-around joy. Somebody is missing out on the best companion.”

“I really love Howard! He does great on his walks, wagging his stubby tail the whole time. He also loves to head to a play yard for a game of fetch or just some snuggles. Often, he’ll just sit next to me on a bench, leaning against me for pets and scritches, enjoying the fresh air. A really lovely dog who will make a great family member!”

Now that you’ve heard all the fanfare, we’re pretty sure you’d agree Howard is worth checking out. If you are interested in adopting him, or you know of someone who might be, email pacc.adopt@pima.gov for an application or any additional questions. He’s in Kennel D130, and his ID# is A784402.

At the shelter since July 2022, Howard would like to meet any resident dogs before heading home to make sure it’s a good fit and would prefer to stay away from dog parks since he feels you never know what type of hooligans will show up there.

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