This Is What Happens When A Pack Of Beagles See A Remote Control Car!

Beagles are one of sweetest looking dog breeds ever. They have a sweet gentle face and their soulful eyes are hard to resist. Beagles were originally used for hunting. They are great at tracking and hunting small game like rabbits. Now, Beagles have become the sweet and friendly family dogs that we know of.

But what happens when a pack of Beagles see a running remote control car? Well their hunting instincts kick in! Watch the video below and you’ll see a pack of Beagles chasing a remote control car! And boy, can they run! And watch out, they’re not letting that remote control car get away!

[youtube id=”kR0vvVdHxyI”]

Looks like this pack is enjoying all that chasing! And it’s good exercise for them too! Do you think your dog would enjoy chasing a remote control car? Leave a comment below!

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