Happy smiling with dog cut off half the face

Just because rounding entrusted tasks, a dog in Cairo were attacked ruthlessly cut off half of the muzzle.

Just because he wanted to fulfill his duties as guarding property owners, a dog in Cairo, Egypt has been the merciless sadists cut muzzle, turned into an ugly dog disabilities.

Like all dogs are tasked, when a stranger approached the property sector, of course, the dog will bark up, guys chasing it away. And just so, those who were chased away the dog Anubis has cut off its nose, cut out over part of its snout. Anubis is no longer important and quickly abandoned.

And for years, people see a dog with the face of horror, lost maxillary roamed around Cairo, is struggling in wherever it can lie back. Also during those years, lost barking Anubis, complete silence, no one will hear the barking of dogs old black again.

Anubis may have lost his own voice, but the animal welfare organizations will regain the voice for brave dog. Organizations must first be local animal protection Animal Protection Foundation, an organization that specializes in helping Cairo animals abandoned in the city. Then the Snarr, won rights organizations and help reintegrate into animal life also participated restitution for Anubis.

“We are pleased about a dozen animals from them, then bring them to the United States, otherwise they would have suffered in a country where they could not give full attention”, Lauren Connelly, a member of Snarr for know.

Not only Snarr but also many volunteers who love animals Anubis escorted stood out to new homes in the US. Since dogs arrived poor countries, it notes have been sheltered, protected all the way from John F. Kennedy International Airport of New York City to Olney, Maryland. Here Anubis rested approximately 1 week before the visit Tennessee and continued to Fort Worth, Texas.

Lucky dog is a lot of good-hearted people to help and care.

At each stop, Anubis was the man alternately sheltered care. This is perhaps the journey to find the lost love of brave dogs were mistreated fate. At the last stop in El Paso, Texas, Anubis has officially found his new family.

In fact, families in El Paso will be adopted within 6 months Anubis. But with what they express feelings and Anubis for them, perhaps a high chance that our boy will be staying with the new parents. Not only the new parents, Anubis was also acquainted with one other sister, as well as a family dog ​​brought blind bore.

Through years of feigned around the alleys and side streets on the street, not miserable with muzzle healed, fate finally smiled on Anubis. There’s also the ugly dog ​​of hell, are just a lonely boy like rolling on the couch alone.

After years of living alone on the streets, eventually Anubis also help.

At each stop, the dog was a loving caring family.

Eat lots of good food, which Anubis has not been enjoying for many years.

Located disengaged on the sofa.

Get familiar with the new sister, also a dog with other difficult circumstances brought about conceived.

Fate seemed to have turned to Anubis, but suddenly happy again smiled at the boy.

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