There Are Hardly Any Animal Shelters In His Country, So He Built One

Hosein Mohammadi lives in Iran and has been rescuing animals for a long time. It is a nation where many stray dogs are killed. And so he made it his mission to become instrumental in animal rescue not only across Iran, but beyond its borders, as well. He named Sezar Sanctuary after Sezar, the first dog he ever rescued.

“Exactly after the moment Sezar entered my life, the revelation was clear to me, I had heard my calling in life…I had to become a voice for these voiceless abused animals…” he writes on the sanctuary’s website. “This is a calling and responsibility which I took on wholeheartedly and with all that I have, and I hope to be able to continue making a difference in this mission.”

Beautiful words from a heroic man. Video above courtesy of The Dodo. Visit Sezar Sanctuary’s Facebook page here.

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