Harley Is a “One-Woman Man” Seeking the Human Mom of His Dreams! Could That Be You?

Good day, loyal Life With Dogs readers!  Another lovely day brings us yet again another LWD Adoptable Dog of the Day.  He’s called Harley, and he comes to us from our friends at the Animal Rescue Volunteers in the Simi Valley in California.  He’s a special little guy, and his rescuers know he would do just wonderful in a home with a single person.

Let’s let the Animal Rescue Volunteers introduce Harley:

Harley was born approx. 2011.  He is a very devoted and loving little guy, but his devotion it seems is limited to one person in the household.  He can be friendly and loving to others, but he has displayed overly protective tendencies to the one he has chosen as his, even if that ‘one’ has a two legged significant other.

We a looking for a single woman for this little guy, someone who is looking for a pint size shadow, a lap warmer and protector.  A guardian who knows that she may need to seclude Harley in another room while having company, someone who will protect Harley and will understand and work around and work through some of his less desirable personality traits.

He is happy go lucky at adoptions, he will hop from one lap to another lap to another lap throughout the day.  But once in a home, he doesn’t want to share his person with another.  He loves to sit in laps and gives little kisses and jumps to be picked up.

His favorite treats are tortilla chips and ice cubes.  Please consider Harley.  He really is a sweet boy and so deserving of a home that will understand and love him for who he is.

Stop by and meet our pets on SATURDAYS or if you are not able, email to arrange a convenient time to meet the pet.  Adoption events are Saturday from 11 am to 3pm at R and R Pet Lifestyle and Supply at 2780 Tapo Canyon Road, Simi Valley (SE corner of Tapo Canyon and Alamo), except holiday weekends. Please email staff@arvsimi.org ahead to make sure a particular pet will be at adoptions.

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