Harley & Zoe Lost Their Humans And Their Homes. Let’s Help Them Find New Ones

So often we hear of dogs abandoned to rescue when their people gave them up, but that’s not the case for either Harley or Zoe. Each of these sweet girls ended up at the Asheville Humane Society when their humans passed away and they had nowhere else to go.

Although they are from separate homes — they are not a bonded pair — we thought it would be nice to showcase these beautiful senior girls side by side in the hope that someone out there will open heart and home for one or both!

Harley is 9. Her person died earlier this month and she came into the shelter when no one else wanted her. She has a skin condition, but thanks to a grant from the Grey Muzzle Organization, it is healing nicely! She is bright, happy, affectionate and — as evidenced by her leopard-print pillow — clearly confident of her status as princess! Staffers here find her one-up, one-down ear quite fetching. They say she’s been excellent in play groups with other dogs and would make a terrific playmate. Surely you can fit another 40 pounds into your family, right?!

Zoe, 12, is a shepherd mix who came in quite sad following the loss of her special person but the AHS’s volunteer groomer gave her the full spa treatment to get her feeling great and looking pretty for adoption! She said that Zoe was the sweetest dog ever for her bath. Zoe is trusting, friendly, calm and cooperative. She loves attention, petting and walks nicely on the leash. She is a sweet, serene senior just
looking for a warm bed and a loving home in which to spend her Golden Years. Will you be her forever family?

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