Havanese puppy who survived 2 weeks in frigid cold reunited with owner

In Columbia, Missouri, a six-month-old Havanese puppy  was reunited with her owner on Thursday after the pup survived two weeks in the frigid cold and deep snow.

According to the University of Missouri Police Department, police officers and two students found the dog after she ran away from her owner by climbing a snow bank over the backyard fence of her home. More than 20 inches of snow had fallen since and subzero temperatures continued; the puppy’s owner, Katherine Matteson, didn’t think her four-pound Havanese puppy could have survived.

And then came the surprise. On Wednesday evening, as the outdoor temperature registered only 4 degrees, two students, Trevor Koelling and Riley Girardier found the dog shivering. Officer John Hayes helped with the rescue of the tiny pooch and began to call her Elsa – after the movie “Frozen.”

*UPDATE* Owner of the puppy has been located and will be reunited!!!!

Found at Faurot field tonight. Took her to MU vet hospital to check for chip. None found. An officer is taking her home tonight until we can hopefully find owner or someone to adopt.

Shout out to the students who tried to catch her until she went in through the fence. 
Riley Girardier, you and your friend (whose name we didn’t catch) are awesome guys for braving the cold to rescue this puppy!”

No one knows how the puppy survived; perhaps someone had been caring for her, when she ran away again.

In a happy reunion, the puppy – really named Mia, was reunited with her mom.

“I’m just really grateful that the officers were able to catch her and bring her home to me.” Matteson said.

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