He Didn’t Always Walk This Way, But His Humans Beat Him When He Peed On The Floor

Baxter didn’t always walk crooked like this, but if he peed on the floor or chewed on a shoe, his owners would beat him. He suffered irreversible brain damage as a result, but the sweet puppy never lost his will to live.

None of this was even Baxter’s fault as he was never properly housebroken. Thankfully, the pup was taken to the Nebraska Humane Society where he’d feel love and never suffer such abuse again. He was found unconscious, but it wasn’t too late.

With the help of the workers, Baxter fought and pulled through. He couldn’t walk straight or hold up his head properly, but he was as deserving of a normal life as any dog.

“I once overheard a little girl ask if I’d walk straight again when I got to heaven. Maybe. But right now, I’m enjoying my little piece of heaven on earth.”

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