He Found A Stray Hiding Under His Truck. 4 Days Later? OMG.

Luckily a man who cares found the stray dog under his truck, and decided to give him some food. It’s a good start, it’s something. As you can see in the video the dog is reluctant towards the man, he was probably beat up and abandoned, trust is an issue as e can see, but he ends up trusting the man, hunger probably spoke louder than fear.

Lucky for the dog this man only had good intentions and as soon as he managed to him out of the truck, he took him to the vet and started taking care of the dog. Most importantly, he started to love the dog. In the next video, we can see the amazing impact the man had on the dog’s life – it’s impressive.

On the second video, filmed a few days after he found the dog hiding under his truck, we can see that the dog is clearly healthier, and clearly well-fed. The difference in the look in his eyes is just incredible, we can tell he already trusts the man and it’s only been a few days.

This should serve as a lesson to everyone out there. When you see a stray dog try to give him some love, even if you can’t adopt him yourself, take him to the vet, feed him, tell your friends about him, call the authorities. Just don’t leave him all by himself; the world is too cruel to be left alone.

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