He Heard Something Unusual On His Way To School…What He Found Is Heartbreaking

All teen boys think about are video games and hanging out with friends, right? Wrong.

One 13-year-old boy in Albuquerque, NM, saved six lives, all because he took the time out of his day to investigate something that worried him. This story is a nice reminder that our children really do hold the key to our future…listening to him talk about the whole ordeal really gives you some renewed hope.
Jonathon Flatt was on his way to the bus stop, just like any other day.

But he heard some faint noises coming from the side of the road…


What he found was a litter of SIX puppies, starving and covered in ticks. They had been tossed away to die in a garbage bag.


Flatt and his mom took the pups in…


And the black-and-white beauties grew to understand that the family was there to save them, not harm them.


Now the pooches are healthy enough to go to their loving forever homes!


Flatt couldn’t believe that someone could be so incredibly heartless…


And the whole scenario has helped him decide that he wants to become a vet when he grows up. He’d like to continue helping animals in need!


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