He Heard Sounds Coming From A Storm Drain. What He Found Inside Had Me In Awe

The good people at Heaven On My Earth Animal Rescue were alerted about a pregnant stray dog living by a dirty road in Arizona. The rescue organization quickly leapt at the chance to help the poor animal and assess its condition.

When they arrived at the dog’s location, they heard cries coming from a culvert under the road. After one of the rescuers crawled into the dark space, he was pleasantly surprised to find not only the stray, but also her seven healthy puppies, which she had given birth to a few days prior. With a bit of crawling around in the mud, this kind man was able to get all the puppies out safely and reunite them with their proud mom, Destiny.

I’m so happy that incredible rescuers like these save poor animals from the streets. Now these little pups will hopefully go on to live long, happy lives with their adoptive families.

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