He Left His Dog Napping In The Couch But Couldn’t Have Expected This!

Does your dog love to sleep on the couch? Most (if not all) dogs love to take naps on the couch. In fact, some of them wouldn’t even share it! They’d hog the couch and have all the space for themselves.

The dog in the video below is so exhausted that he immediately took a nap on the couch when he got home. After a long day at the daycare, Apollo the dog fell on a deep sleep on the couch. His human left him sleeping on the couch for just a moment. Can you guess what happened next? Well he was so exhausted that not even falling off the couch can wake him up! You’d think that after he fell, he’d wake up. Nope! He just kept on sleeping on the floor! Watch the video below!

Awwww…poor baby! He must’ve had a really ruff day at the day care! But don’t worry guys, Apollo is totally fine after his fall.
Has your dog ever had a similar experience? Leave a comment below and share your stories with us!

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