He Was Abandoned 3 Separate Times, But This Pup Finally Found His Forever Home

This Airedale Terrier had a rough start to life when his original owners brought him to the U.S. for breeding purposes. He came all the way from the Ukraine before it was discovered that he had a genetic eye defect preventing him from a guaranteed healthy litter. At the age of two, this descendant of show dogs has finally found parents that will love him unconditionally.

Before entering his loving forever home, Sweeny had three previous sets of parents that didn’t want him.


His new parents drove five hours through the snow to pick up their new baby.


Though he wasn’t very well groomed, his mom showered him with love anyway.


Needless to say, the sentiment was enthusiastically reciprocated.


Five hours in the car is a long time for a pup, so his mom took Sweeny on a quick walk through the new neighborhood once they arrived.


Then it was time for a much overdue bath.


He did NOT enjoy this part of his homecoming as much as the walk, but his mom sure was thankful for a fresh coat…

Especially since the pup had every intention of taking partial custody of the bed.



Since coming to his new, happy home, he’s been renamed Marshall.


It’s incredibly fitting for this bundle of love to shed his sad past, along with his old name.


This is the happy ending that every dog deserves. Marshall is such a lucky pup, especially since his mom and dad love him so much (they’ve even given him free range to destroy anything he can get his little paws on)! Wear your new name proud, big guy!

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