He Was Told That His Pup Had No Time Left, But He Proved Them Wrong With This

When backyard breeders totally disregard proper breeding practices, unhealthy puppies enter into this world. The rest of Pegasus’ litter already died due to complications, and it wasn’t expected that she herself would make it much longer, either. However, Dave Meinert saw it like this: she’d already been born, so someone should take care of her even if her life would be short. He was told that his pup would go blind and deaf, but that didn’t stop him from loving her any less for however much time they have left together.

Meinert chose to document the time no one thought she’d have.

While these images are stunning, it’s even more amazing that Pegasus has made it this long. Do you think that, perhaps, it’s because of all the extra love and care she’s getting from her adoptive dad? Maybe…

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