Heartbreaking Discovery: Wounded Dog Found on Mattress

“Despite his stench of death, he never stopped licking our cheeks…”

Stray Rescue of St. Louis discovered a lone pit bull in an abandoned house. The dog, who was found lying on a mattress, was first approached by Donna, an experienced rescuer.

The team was prepared to coax the dog, who immediately sensed their good intentions, into their vehicle. They quickly understood that all the dog needed was love and medical care.

The pit bull displayed a gentle demeanor towards the rescuers and remained silent as they transported him to their vehicle. The dog’s condition was dire, as he suffered from a severe prolapsed rectum, leading to extensive internal necrosis.

Despite the grim circumstances, there is solace in knowing the dog will not die alone but in a compassionate environment, surrounded by love. Share this story with your family and friends.

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