Heartbreaking Moment: Abandoned Puppy Tied to Fire Hydrant Too Sad to Lift Her Head

The story of Cici, an 8-month-old puppy found abandoned and tied to a fire hydrant in Southern California, is one of heartbreak and hope. When Suzette Hall, the founder of Logan’s Legacy dog rescue, learned about Cici’s dire situation, she knew she had to act quickly. Having already saved several dogs from the same street, Hall was determined to ensure Cici didn’t meet the same fate.

Cici’s previous owners had left her with food and water, but she was too distraught to eat or drink. Curled up in a tight ball, Cici seemed to be losing hope. Hall reached out to a kind-hearted neighbor who immediately went to rescue the pup. The neighbor found Cici tangled in her leash around the hydrant, scared and growling.

With Hall’s guidance over the phone, the neighbor managed to gain Cici’s trust and untangle her from the hydrant. They then rushed Cici to Camino Pet Hospital, where her health took a turn for the worse. The frightened and malnourished puppy became sick in the car, but luckily, she arrived at the vet just in time to receive the help she needed.

Cici was given fluids and plenty of love, which led to her recovery. During her time at the hospital, she became especially attached to Hedy Herold, the office manager. Cici spent her days snuggled in Hedy’s arms, eagerly waiting for a clean bill of health to start her new life.

Once Cici was cleared for foster care, she moved in with her temporary family, but the search for her forever home continued. Suzette Hall is committed to finding the perfect adoptive family for Cici, who has shown incredible resilience and sweetness despite her rough beginnings.

Cici’s story is a testament to the power of love, hope, and compassion. Her journey from a scared, abandoned puppy to a loving and happy dog demonstrates that even the most heartbreaking situations can transform into beautiful new beginnings with the help of dedicated and caring individuals.

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