Heartbreaking moment mother dog gives her just adopted puppy one last kiss

In a heartbreaking moment, a mother dog gave her puppy one last kiss after it was adopted in Zhengzhou, China; bringing onlookers to tears as they watched the emotional exchange. The stray dog, that had been under the care of several students at the university, had given birth to a litter of seven puppies. Now it was time for the puppies to be adopted.

On Monday, students videoed the powerfully emotional scene as the loving mother dog gave her tiny tan and brown puppy one last kiss before the pup left with her new owner. The woman carried the puppy to her scooter as the worried mother dog looked on and slowly walked after the two.

The mother dog approached as her head hung low, her tail down and ears relaxed. She stopped next to the woman holding her puppy as if pleading with her eyes to see her puppy one last time. As the owner squatted down and showed the grieving mother her puppy, the mother dog nuzzled and kissed the little one goodbye.

“Don’t worry. I will take good care of your puppy,” the woman said to the mother dog, and with that, the mother dog turned and walked away, but one more time she did turn around and looked back at her baby.

The video continues to go viral. How can anyone not shed a tear for this mom? We hope all of your puppies find wonderful homes as we do for you also. The perfect solution would have been for mom and puppy to have been adopted together.

(Photos screenshots via Pear Video)


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