Heartbroken Cop Decides To Honor Fallen K-9 Partner, Goes To The Shelter

Although devastating at first, sometimes a loss can lead to a new, amazing beginning. The Humphreys decided to honor Eiko, loving family member and K-9 officer, after losing him to cancer at 8 years old. And it’s just the sweetest thing.

Eiko was a K-9 officer at the Lawrenceville Police Department and partner to officer Shawn Humphreys.

Beloved by all, the dog’s passing at 8 years old to cancer left the department and community shaken.

Among those shaken was Kristin Sarkar of Releash Atlanta. She had met the Humphreys and their dog at a photoshoot and decided to help the family honor Eiko.

Kristin had recently come across a dog on the euthanasia list in Georgia, a German Shepherd just like Eiko. The dog had a leg injury, most likely from a snake bite.

Kristin thought saving the dog’s life would be the best way to honor Eiko.

And the Humphreys agreed. They took him in and named him E.J., short for Eiko Junior. 🙂

E.J. loved his new surroundings and even sat in the same place Eiko used to sit! He’d be fostered by the Humphreys until they eventually found their new K-9.

E.J. would get his own forever home, and Eiko’s legacy would live on. What could be better?

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