Heartbroken Dog Refuses To Eat After Losing Her Best Friend

Sadie, a loyal dog to her parents, experienced a great loss when her dad suddenly died from a heart attack. Sadie never left his side, even after he passed away at home.

The devastating loss left Sadie depressed and without an appetite. She did not eat for 10 days, resulting in her losing 10 pounds. Everyday she would wait patiently for him to come home. Sadly, he would never return.

Sadie’s mom went to say her final goodbye to her husband and thought Sadie would benefit from coming. She was right. Sadie was able to get the closure she needed.

Elements Cremation, Pre-planning & Burial was so touched by the connection between Sadie and her dad they shared this heartbreaking photo. The photo is worth a thousand words… Sadie says goodbye for one last time.

The photo shows Sadie and her mom looking at her dad one last time. After the funeral the two returned home. Sadie finally ate that evening.

Dogs are intelligent and emotional animals that grieve the loss of loved ones, just like us.

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