Heartbroken pup abandoned by owner at park watched every car go by just waiting

At Ford Park in Bell Gardens, California, a brokenhearted pup sat near a tree staring at the road and watching every car go by. Where did her family go? Sadly, she had been dumped at the park, and it had become quite obvious, by the length of time she had been waiting and watching in that one spot, no one was coming back.

When Suzette Hall, founder of  Logan’s Legacy 29, answered the plea for assistance with volunteers, they tried everything including traps and even pushing her towards the corners with baby gates, but she still refused to approach. She was just so loyal she wanted to wait for her “family” to return, and no amount of food offered to her, could make her trust anyone.

we heard coyotes at the park. She even dug a little hole to try to close her eyes and sleep, but each time a car came she looked up.

Very late into the night, Suzette and her friends continued their efforts to try and capture her, but by the first light of morning, she had disappeared. So many times, everyone looked for her, but no one had any intentions of giving up.

Later in the evening, Suzette was directed towards a neighborhood garage where the lonely pup had been hiding. And it was with a huge sigh of relief to know that this brokenhearted pup had survived the coyotes, the racing cars on the streets and other predators ready to attack.

it wasn’t easy at all to rescue her inside the garage, And it was heartbreaking figuring out she knew she had been abandoned.

And finally, this sweet loyal dog could leave her post, her little tree and the little hole she had dug. When captured, she finally let go and perhaps knew she had been rescued and was safe.

Meet Adalee. She is finally safe and fell asleep the moment her head hit the pillow in her temporary shelter cage.

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