Heartrending Story of a Dog Chasing After Cars, Unaware His Owner Had Abandoned Him

The bond between dogs and their owners forms an essential part of their lives. This relationship, rich in admiration and deep connection, unfortunately faces abandonment in some instances. Left stranded and confused, these loyal creatures, some of the most faithful beings on earth, wait innocently for their owners to return, unaware they have been forsaken.

Kritter Klub, a group of Korean animal lovers, has been documenting animal stories since 2001. One day, they were alerted about a stray dog in a village who was constantly running towards cars, baffling the locals. One villager noticed that the dog would follow him home from work and sit beside his car. The mystery of the dog’s origin and his peculiar behavior puzzled the villager.

The dog had been persisting in this routine for over 20 days, seemingly searching for something and barely straying from his chosen spot. His attention particularly seemed to be drawn to white cars, which he would chase for a distance before returning to his spot to continue his patient wait. What, or who, was this lonely dog anticipating?

Upon encountering a neighbor who had been observing the dog for a month, the team unraveled his heartrending story. A month earlier, a white car had abandoned the dog on the unfamiliar street. Since then, he had been chasing after every white car, hoping to find his owner. The old man had attempted multiple times to help the dog and take him home, but the dog always fled, holding onto the hope of his master’s return despite the increasingly harsh weather. Sadly, the owner never returned.

On a hopeful note, the kind-hearted man who had alerted the team decided to adopt the grieving pup. While still displaying signs of sadness, the dog, now named Baduk, began adapting to his new life. He was provided a cozy home, and even when he returned to the road, this time he had a caring human by his side.

Upon witnessing Baduk’s struggle to survive in the harsh weather, the Kritter Klub members brought the frail dog to a clinic for a check-up. Although he was in a relatively healthy physical condition, Baduk was mentally depressed, still coming to terms with his owner’s abandonment.

Spring always follows a long winter, and it is our hope that Baduk will soon settle into his new home and lead a long, happy life. We believe this touching tale will warm your heart. Please share this story with your loved ones to spread the love and empathy.

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