HEARTWARMING: Dog Who Lost His Legs After Being Found Frozen Gets Prosthetic Legs!

Everyone, meet Hector! Hector is a two-year-old dog who lost his hind legs. His mother, a stray dog, gave birth to him in the freezing cold. His tail and his feet were frozen to the ground. Fortunately, a kind soul adopted poor Hector. Hector spent most of his life inside the house. Playing outside may scrape his crippled hind legs. But Hector’s mom wanted the best for him, so she posted Hector’s story on Facebook.

Amazingly, people started raising money to buy him prosthetic legs. The community got involved and they were able to raise enough money for Hector’s new legs. And just before Christmas, Hector was finally able to stand on all fours! Watch the heartwarming video below!

[youtube id=”TpAP7rrYVkA”]

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