Heartwarming Rescue Of A German Shepherd From A Busy Houston Street

Stray dogs roaming the street are common in many areas of the United States and there is nothing worse than seeing a dog narrowly miss getting hit by a car. In cities such as Houston, Texas, where the population of stray dogs is suspected to be close to a million, finding and trapping all of these dogs is a tall order and sometimes, the rescuers are not successful at saving them.

On December 29, 2014, The World Animal Society Awareness (WAS2) film crew were out with rescuers when they saw a German Shepherd dodging traffic on a busy Houston street. She was eating any garbage she could find.


Luckily, for this rescue, it didn’t take much encouraging to get her to eat the food Kurt Guerdrum put on the ground for her. As soon as she hears the food drop in the pan she whips around and cautiously heads toward the food. Within moments, she is scarfing it down.


It’s unbelievable that this beauty is roaming the streets, alone and forgotten, forced to eat whatever she can find on the street.

Guerdrum approaches her with a the slip lead, and though she shies away at first, it’s not long before he has the leash around her and she gets some much deserved attention from the crew.


She is then given some more food before they take her to be vetted and then adopted out.

They named her Anna.

Luckily for her, she is a highly adoptable dog, the rescuers say, due to her breed.


However, there are literally thousands of other dogs in Houston that need help and the rescue groups there are overburdened.

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