Heavily Pregnant Dog Pulled From Fighting Ring Just Before Giving Birth

Dog fighting is a cruel and barbaric activity. Dogs are trained to fight and inflict damage on other dogs. The dogs that fight are often mistreated and abused to get them to be ‘good’ fighters. According to the Humane Society, the most common injuries dogs get from fighting are deep punctures, severe bruising, and broken bones. Some dogs do not survive and die from blood loss, dehydration, exhaustion, or shock.

Dog fighting is illegal in most places, but there are still places around the country that have dog fighting rings. One pit bull momma was pulled from the dog fighting ring and was given a second chance at life. Not only that but she was pregnant, and the rescuers had raided the dog fighting ring just before she gave birth!

Take a look at this video

You can see how happy, healthy, and safe her pups are now thanks to the rescuers. Share away, people.

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