He’d Been In The Hospital For 8 Days Before A Nurse Brought His Friend To See Him

Costa, a homeless Brazilian man, ended up in hospital after being attacked by some street thugs. While his injuries were being treated, doctors discovered he had melanoma. This meant he’d have to stay for a couple of weeks in hospital while receiving treatment, which was a huge problem for Costa because he didn’t live on the streets by himself. He lived with Seco, his loving dog.

As he underwent skin cancer treatment, his best friend waited outside in the parking lot for days on end. Since hospital rules do not permit animals to enter, hospital staff provided food and water for the faithful little dog.

On the eighth day of his wait, the hospital made an exception to their no-animals rule and allowed the forlorn pooch to visit his friend. This is the heartwarming moment the two are reunited!

You can really see how much the little guy loves his human. The way he danced all over him filled my heart with joy.

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