Help Arrives For Abandoned Dog Unable to Stand Due to Swollen and Bent Legs

A closer look revealed that her back and front legs were swollen and twisted, rendering her incapable of standing.

A kind-hearted Good Samaritan found a delightful Beagle/Hound mix at a construction site infamous for being a dog-dumping spot. The poor dog was unable to rise, appearing to have been abandoned in the dirt and cold for several days.

The Good Samaritan swiftly sprang into action, reaching out for assistance. St. Louis’s Stray Rescue arrived at the site and rescued the dog. Until they arrived, the caller had compassionately provided the dog with his coat as a makeshift blanket. It was clear that her legs were severely injured, so they gently carried her into their vehicle. Throughout the journey, she remained stoically silent. The immediate visit to the vet clinic revealed that the young dog had multiple fractures in both her legs.

Unfortunately, the injuries were so severe that funding was needed to afford the surgery required to repair the damage. Now named “Polar Express,” the dog faces a long journey towards healing and recovery.

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