“Help Me!” Pleads Abandoned Puppy Tied to a Rock and Left Alone

A small puppy cowers next to a rock, gazing intently down the road, waiting in vain for an owner who has already left her and isn’t returning.

The lonely pup was discovered by a concerned neighbor who, although afraid of dogs, had the empathy to call for help. The puppy had been abandoned by the roadside early in the morning, and despite inquiries to several residents, no one seemed to know anything about her. The consensus was that an unknown individual had tied her to the rock, perhaps out of fear that she would follow them back home.

Although the puppy appeared to be in good health, she was quite smelly and in need of a bath – an experience she ended up enjoying.

Once we posted her pictures on social media, captioning it “Unlucky Puppy – Help Me!” the response was overwhelming. Thousands of users reacted with shock and anger. Dogs have been known as man’s best friend for ages – they stand by us, guard us, and share in our joys and sorrows. So, labeling them as “Unlucky Dog” and abandoning them is unjust!

Such behavior is deeply incorrect and reprehensible! We urge anyone with information about the heartless owner to reach out to us. Justice needs to be served, and we are working hard to identify the perpetrator and ensure they face legal consequences.

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