Help sought for partially paralyzed dog who lives outside

A plea has been issued on behalf of a dog who is partially paralyzed and living outdoors. On Friday, the non-profit group, Almost Home Rescue, reached out with a public Facebook post about the four-year-old dog:

VERY SAD REQUEST – please read and offer help if you can help this little terrier. I am going to ask you to please just reply if you can help or have some help to offer. Please understand that it makes it hard to keep track of and respond to offers from people who are ready to help NOW. Thank you

What is known about the dog’s situation

The original situation was brought to light by a representative with a South Carolina rescue group.

I am a representative of Critter Connection, a rescue group in Spartanburg, SC. We were recently contacted by the owner of a Jack Russell. She is four years old and does not have use of her back legs.

According to the disabled dog’s owner, the pup was born with a “sore on her spine” which left her unable to use her bladder or bowels. At some point, the dog was so uncomfortable that she chewed off one of her own legs. The representative wrote:

The Jack lives outside and with the cold weather coming, the owner is hoping to rehome her. The owner says the dog “hops”, is a very happy dog and loves to play fetch.

The South Carolina rescue agency does not have any open foster homes and is reaching out for assistance from other agencies.

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