This Very Helpful Orange Kitten Makes Lunchtime Easy For His Dog Friend

Have you ever had a day when you wake up and your body simply does not want to move? You try to lift up your arm to turn off your 6:00 a.m. alarm, but it feels like there’s an anchor tied to it. I’m sure we’ve all had mornings like this. When this happens I simply wish that I could stay in bed all day, and that somehow, everything I needed would just appear right before me, as if by magic.

When you’re a little one, and you’re lucky, your mom or dad might bring you a glass of milk if you asked politely. But now that you’re all grown up, that’s much less likely to happen!

When this little kitten walks up to a sleepy dog’s food bowl, Hershey the pup watches on, curious to see what happens next. He’s not sure what this little ginger kitten, named Oliver, is going to do with his precious food. He looks on longingly, as if he’d like some of that kibble, but is just too tired to get it for himself.

The curious kitten continues to sniff out the pup’s food. Oliver knows that he’s not supposed to eat puppy food, but it sure does look like he’s about to break the rules while his human isn’t watching.

Then, he picks up a singular piece of kibble out of the bowl. What does he do next?

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