Helpful Pit Bull Comes To His Dad’s Rescue In This Hilarious Viral Video

Help! This man is slipping on an icy patch in front of his house with nothing he could hold onto nearby.

Oh, wait! What’s this? His furry friend is here to help.

A video posted on Facebook went viral because of a very good dog and its hilarious way of helping his owner out of a very slippery situation.

The video starts with both owner and pet in the frame, on their merry way to go inside their house. The pit bull has no problem crossing the short, icy distance between the pavement and the steps in front of their home. Its owner, on the other hand, just makes it a few steps before sliding down the sloped path.

“How can I get up the slope?! Noooo!”

He’s laughing but he’s crying inside, probably.

The man tries to take a few more steps, but he’s unsuccessful.

And this is when his helpful dog comes to his rescue.

“Help! Carry me up!”

The pit bull dutifully comes close to the man and positions himself so his owner can get a proper grip on his body.

With the way it occurred, it looked like it wasn’t the first time that something like this happened in their household. I sense that the pit bull is an expert human transporter.

“Let’s go! Go, go, go!”

With careful steps, both the pit bull and the owner make it to safety.

“Whoo! Good boy!”

What a good boy, indeed!

The video has 18M views and over 9k comments. Based on the viewers’ reactions, it’s safe to say that people enjoyed watching the very relatable icy trouble. If only we all had a reliable furry helper…

Watch it in the video below!

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