Helpful Video Shows What Our Dogs Should And Shouldn’t Eat

It’s a well-known fact that dogs shouldn’t eat chocolate; even eating just a little big can give your furry friend a stomachache, whereas a large amount can lead to very serious medical complications that could even lead to tragedy.

But while everyone knows chocolate is bad for your dog, did you know there are quite a few other types of food that could make them sick?

The video below isn’t only adorable in every single way, but it does a pretty great job at showing you what exactly kind of snack is bad for your pooch all while telling you some interesting foods that you would have assumed weren’t dog-friendly, but actually are!

I never thought that raw meat might be bad for a dog, but when you think about it, it really makes sense. And while it seems obvious that bread with yeast in it isn’t healthy for your dog, it surprised us all to learn that not only do dogs love to eat pasta, but it’s actually a treat that won’t hurt them.

It’s always good to keep your dog nice and fed, and while dog food is always great, sometimes it might add a bit of excitement to give them a snack that is healthy and tasty!

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