Helping 850 Dogs Is Not Easy At All…but It Makes Me Happy

Hey Pandas! My name is László Attila, I’m 20 years old and I live in Cluj-Napoca, Romania. Right now I’m studying electrical engineering here in my hometown and besides that I’m running a charity program. So, with the help of my mother I was able earlier this year to deliver the first package of dry dog food to the local animal shelter. I’m talking about the Radu Termure animal shelter where 850 dogs are living. The conditions aren’t the best and sometimes the dogs don’t have anything to eat because of the financial problems the shelter has but Radu manages to keep them alive and to take care of them with his never-ending energy. After my first delivery I repeated this action 3 more times and I managed to bring them 2.3 tonnes of food, which is not much for 850 dogs. This shelter really needs HELP and I hope that more people will start doing the same way as I do.

04/20/2017: First delivery, 400 kgs of dog food

05/18/2017: Second delivery, this time 550 kgs.

07/05/2017: Third time bringing food to the animal shelter. We hit 1000 kgs.

10/23/2017: The last time I was there I brought to the puppies 300 kgs of high quality food.

Three puppies begging for love.

“Dogs ask for so little but deserve so much”

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