Hendrix The Scared Homeless Dog Learns To Love And Trust Again

It is not uncommon these days to see many homeless dogs roaming the streets of Los Angeles. These dogs are forced to live in fear struggling to survive. Without a warm home with loving owners to care for these stray dogs and teach them about love, the become scared of the world. Hope for Paws a well-known animal rescue organization aims to end this trend one day. This is a video of a scared homeless dog who eventually learns to love and trust again all thanks to his rescuers.

Hope for Paws Rescue received a call about this poor dog living in a factory lot. They immediately left for the area so as to rescue the dog in need. Saving a such small dog in a large property was difficult. Paws rescue team had to be sharp so as to keep up with the cute poppy’s movements. The poor little thing was understandably scared of people and tried to elude their rescue attempts.

After a chase, he eventually curled up and rested in a patch of ivy.

It was now very clear how terrified this dog was. Luckily, the Paws rescue team can work magic. So with a lot of gentleness, kindness, and patience they were able to put a Lucky Leash around the poor dog’s neck. They managed to pet him, secure him and assure him that henceforth everything would be okay.

While carrying this little poppy, they found out that he was a male dog, so they named him Hendrix.These rescuers used a blanket to cover the little puppy and took him to a vet and then to a groomer. After just two hours of his rescue, Hendrix was transformed from a dirty, scared puppy into the sweet and handsome dog he was born to be. They took him to a loving new foster mom and just a few days after Hendrix’s rescue, his beauty became (both inside and out) clear. He transformed from a terrified homeless creature to a dog filled with joy. Hendrix always captured the hearts of everyone who came across him.

Hendrix was a homeless dog who once lived in an industrial area and was too terrified to let anyone near him, but soon he got tired of running around and was saved. All thanks to the animal rescue organizations who save stray pets every day. If you want to adopt Hendrix, contact Pal rescue.

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