Here’s What Happens When You Laugh At Your Dog for Slipping in The Snow. Instant Karma!

We’ve seen Karma at work when we saw that video of a man who tried to kick a dog, and ended up faceplanting himself instead. That’s why we should be careful of what we do to others. And not only that, we must try not to laugh at other’s misfortunes too. because we might just end up in the same situation; just like what happened in the video below!

This guy and his dog are strolling in a snowy park. You can see that there’s snow everywhere, so some areas can be quite slippery. The dog ran ahead of the guy, probably too excited about their walk outside. Just as his dog was trying to run back to his human, he slips on the snow. Now watch what happens after his human

Instant karma! That’s what you get for laughing at your dog! LOL!
But hey, sometimes it just can’t be helped. Our dogs do a lot of silly things and they make us laugh all the time. And that’s one of the reasons we love them!

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