Here’s What Happens When 35 Great Danes Go For A Walk In The Snow

A lot of dog owners have made most out of all the snow that has fallen. We saw that awesome video of a huge snow maze some dog owners created on the yard, and we love that video of a man who went dog sledding in the streets! So here’s another video of a fun snow day to inspire dog lovers to go out and play with your dog in the snow!

These dogs may just be walking and playing in the snow, but can you count how many dogs you see? Yup, it’s no ordinary dog walk when there’s thirty five (yes, 35!) huge Great Danes to look after! 35 Great Danes may seem like a lot to handle, but seeing these gentle giants run, roll, and play in the snow is just so fun to watch! They all look so fabulous wearing their winter coats too! You have to watch this!

They’re having so much fun! I’m smiling ear to ear while watching this video! I wish I could join them and play with them all!

Would you be able to handle all these guys playing in the snow? Leave a comment below and share your thoughts with us!

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