Hero Dog Jumps In Front Of Rattlesnake To Save His Mom

Paula Godwin was walking her two dogs in Arizona when she almost tripped over something in front of her that she happened to see at the very last second. It was a rattlesnake, and it snapped at the woman’s leg in self-defense. But her dog wouldn’t have any of that.

Paula’s Golden Retriever puppy, Todd, jumped in front of her and took the snake bite without hesitation. The snake bit the pup on the nose saving Paula from a painful and venomous bite.

The dog protected his Mom by jumping right in front of her leg where the rattlesnake was trying to lunge. “This is what a hero looks like,” Paula said on Facebook.

Todd yelped and whined in pain as his face started to swell up. Mom was able to get him to the animal hospital within minutes of the incident, and the vet treated him with anti-venom and monitored the pup for the rest of the day.

It was a scary situation for Paula and she felt bad for her dog, but she’s so thankful for her little personal bodyguard.

Rattlesnakes won’t bite unless they feel threatened, and their bites are rarely fatal to adult humans. But the venom can be very painful and cause numbness, blurred vision, and difficulty breathing.

After some rest, medicine, and lots of love, Todd is back home and feeling much better. He still has the black wound on the side of his nose, but the swelling has gone down significantly.

Todd has gotten well wishes and praise from all over for his bravery that day, and the Golden Retriever pup is a true hero! 🙂

“My sweet Todd for sure is my hero,” Paula said. “He is recovering so well. I feel I have to say that the man upstairs surely is watching out for me, too.”

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