Hero Dog Miraculously Survives Fatal Gunshot During Home Invasion

Kilo the Pit Bull was protecting his family during a home invasion when he got shot in the head. The dog’s owner Justin and his girlfriend were almost certain that the poor Pit Bull was going to die because the location of the shot was fatal and the dog was bleeding profusely.


But Kilo’s owners were wrong. A miracle happened and the dog survived the ordeal.

According to the vet that treated Kilo, the bullet missed his brain and eye; it came in from his head, went to the side of his face, traveled through the skin and came out just under his right jaw.

Seriously, how many creatures on earth can be shot in the head and survive afterwards? Just a little bit of difference in angle and this dog wouldn’t be walking or even alive right now.

Thank God for Kilo and loyal dogs like him who would lay down their lives to save their pack.

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