Hero Dog Saves His Little Sister From This Dangerous Creature In The Backyard

Haus is a German Shepherd who just recently proved exactly why canines are certainly man’s best friend. The DeLuca family rescued the two year old dog from an animal shelter a while back.

While out frolicking in the back yard with his favorite little human, Molly DeLuca, they encountered something you don’t see every day down in Florida. There was an enormous and quite poisonous rattlesnake lying in wait in the backyard of the family’s home.


Haus quickly stepped up to the challenged and placed himself between the threat and Molly. This caused him to receive three deadly bites in the cause of protecting Molly. His family rushed him to the Connechusett Animal Hospital in order to treat Haus’ injuries.


It hasn’t been easy for Haus that’s for sure. After a $10,000 medical bill battle against the poison in his veins, he slowly begun to recover. He’s recently managed to begin standing again and is now able to whine when he wants water. Hang in there Haus!


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