Hero Military Dog That Saved Many In Afghanistan Gets New Lease At Life

Her breed is the beautiful Belgian Malinois and she has stories from battle that you just wouldn’t believe. Layka lost her front leg from gunshot wounds in an ambush in 2013. Despite her horrific injuries – she still managed to save the lives of soldiers in that building from an attacker.

She’s now only 5-years old and had another injury to her other front paw from an ATV accident. It’s so sad because she already lost one leg and this would leave her need a wheelchair.

Her owners are her Afghanistan handlers and have been taking care of her – they immediately sent her to the University of Tennessee’s veterinary clinic to take care of her broken paw.

“We love animals and we help a lot of animals,but she’s a hero, she saved our troops,” her owner told ABC News. “She didn’t ask to go in, she was trained to go in. We’re just enamored with her and what she has been through in her deployment.”

[iframe id=”http://abcnews.go.com/video/embed?id=35420939″]

Layka has a long road of recovery ahead of her still – and she also has emotional wounds that need to heal. She’s still a bit scared of loud sounds. We all wish Layka the best and hope she has a wonderful and full recovery!

Source: ABCNews

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