Hero postal worker rushed customer’s dog to vet after pet bitten by venomous copperhead

In Haralson County, Georgia, a postal worker saved the life of a customer’s dog that had been bitten outside of the family home by a venomous copperhead snake. Ginger, the family’s beagle had been bitten by the snake, and it was the postal worker who immediately scooped the dog up into her arms and rushed her to a veterinarian where the dog could be treated for her bite.

According to a Facebook post, by Kelsey Proctor, both she and her husband had been at work when their doorbell camera showed their postal worker holding up a note on her phone. The note stated that Ginger had been bitten by a copperhead and that she was bringing the dog to the vet.

Kelsey was so thankful and wanted to thank the postal worker, but couldn’t make out the woman’s badge number, so she appealed to the hero on social media:

I am looking for the name of this post office worker. I see her badge but it’s too blurry for me to read. Our dog, Ginger, was bitten by a copperhead snake today while we were at work.

This sweet woman took our girl to the vet and left us a note on her phone in our camera to see. I know someone out there has to know her. I want to thank her from the bottom of my heart. Thankfully, Ginger is going to be okay, and I truly believe it’s because of this woman. Help me find her!


Fortunately, the search didn’t take long, and the hero was found.

Wow!!!! That was fast. Thank you so much, Holle’ Keene Prigmore!!!! We are so thankful!


Ginger is now back home doing well even though she is in pain. Her back left leg/paw is swollen and she has not tried to walk on it yet. She remains on bed rest – a known favorite of most dogs, and is getting lots of love and attention.

Holle – you are awesome!

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