Heroic Deputy Enters Culvert, Rescues Hurt Dog, Covers Surgery To Save Life

At the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department, deputies promptly answered a report of an injured dog on Woodland Ave E in Tacoma, Washington. The caller informed them that the dog had been struck by a car and had taken refuge in a culvert beneath the road.

Since Animal Control was not immediately available, deputies arrived ready to help. They were able to see the dog in the pipe, and that is when one of the deputies slipped off his gear and crawled into the pipe to rescue the dog. Once he approached the dog, he used a blanket to slowly pull the dog out of the culvert to safety.

Stepping up where so many would not, these deputies are full of compassion and awesomeness! So proud of these guys.

Had the deputies not arrived and pulled the dog to safety, she probably would not have lived.

Check out the rescue video:


But our story isn’t over yet! Read on!

The dog was named “Piper” and she was taken to shelter, but she needed emergency surgery for her injuries and her owner never came to the shelter to claim her. She had no microchip, was listed as a stray and scheduled to be euthanized. And in the nick of time, these same amazing deputies called and stopped the dog from being put down. One of the deputies had already called the veterinarian’s office and requested they perform the needed surgery.

With the help of Sheriff Troyer, the department was able to contact P.A.C.K. – People for Animal Care, who stepped in to help. They have taken care of Piper’s surgery and she is now in recovery.

If you would like to help, please consider donating to P.A.C.K:

Venmo @packcares

Paypal @packcares@gmail.com

Or visit their website Packgives.org

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