Heroic Dog Spends Days Looking For Help And Comforting Owner After Fall Off Cliff

A world champion adventure racer, Danelle Ballengee was out for her practice run one day at a Utah Canyon. She slipped and plummeted 60 feet into a ledge shattering her hip bones. Helpless and unable to walk, she tried to drag herself as the temperature was cold and she was scared of getting hypothermia since it was the middle of winter season. Thank goodness for small mercies, her dog Taz was with her for her practice run and so she asked him to look for help. Taz did exactly as she asked him.

For two days, Taz would run further and further but would always go back to Danelle. Finally, he was spotted and when he saw that they were trying to catch him, he turned around and headed straight back to Danelle, making sure that they followed him. They figured, he must have ran about 15 miles when he led the rescuers to her.

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