Hidden camera captures naughty dog’s antics

Recently Brent and Elsa have been coming home to couches that are becoming damaged. Poncho their rescue dog has gone through a number of personality changes over her 12 years. Becoming a senior pooch is definitely causing some naughty habits with Poncho.

As long as someone is in the house, even if they are not sitting with her, Poncho is generally well behaved. As soon as the house is empty leaving Poncho all alone, her anxiety kicks in to overdrive. As you will see she becomes quite aggressive while making her “bed” as comfortable as possible.

Although she is on medication for the anxiety, it does not seem to always have great results. As hard as it is to come home to ruined furniture, Poncho is definitely still loved by her owners. You will see this in Poncho’s eyes in the video. What a pooch!

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